The DALTAÍ project aims to increase digital skills amongst staff and students to enable more effective use of learning data to promote student success. The project objectives are firstly to review and identify specific professional development needs with regard to learning analytics skills for higher education staff; and secondly to develop open access professional development resources that scaffold and enable staff and students to interpret learning analytics outputs.
Student and staff focus groups will explore perspectives on effective use of learning data, and the role of professional training resources that support greater use of data in decision making in HE. Some professional development resources for the analysis and interpretation of learning data to support student success will also be created and distributed. The outputs will enable the upskilling of staff and also facilitate students to be more aware, and make greater use of, their own data ‘footprint’. This facilitates development of important life skills such as self-regulation and self actualisation. In the broader institutional context, this should have the resulting impact of more widespread adoption of evidence-based decisions that support student success initiatives.
It’s a collaborative project running across all three campuses of TU Dublin (City, Blanchardstown and Tallaght) and Galway Mayo Institute of Technology.